Swedish Massage (Classical Massage)

Swedish Massage  (Classical Massage)


Is a whole body massage style, which is very relaxing and de-stressing.  The perfect massage for those times in life, when you want a little “me time” to just relax and get rid of general aches and pains.  It normally lasts one hour, but why not extended to 90 minutes for a even deeper relaxing experience.   Swedish massage forms the basis for many of today’s modern western massage styles such as Sport Massage and Aromatherapy Massage.


Pehr Henrik Ling is heralded by many as the father of Swedish massage, when he developed a system called “Medical Gymnastics” in the early 19th century.  However, it should be noted that Dr Ling did not invent massage, but that it had been used in many cultures for thousands of years.  It is suggested that he was heavily influenced by a Chinese friend Ming, who taught him some of the Chinese martial arts and Tui Na a Chinese healing system, which includes massage.

These techniques were further refined by Johan Georg Mezger and others, into the techniques used today in Swedish massage:

.Effleurage – a French word meaning “to skim” or “to touch lightly on”, is used extensively in Swedish massage to warm up the muscles,  used as a link between different stroke and to move to different parts of the body.  It is characterised by its long soothing sliding movements.  Depending on the pressure applied this technique can be superficial or deep and can help encourage venous and lymphatic return.

. Petrissage – Taken from the French word pétrir, “to knead” it is characterised by its lifting and kneading the muscles, in a smooth rhythmic action.  Common techniques used in petrissage are wringing, kneading, skin rolling and picking up.





. Friction – firm, deep, transverse or circular rubbing movements that can help to break down adhesions and help with scar tissue.

. Tapotement  is a rhythmic percussion using the side of the hand (hacking), the finger tips(tapping), the palm of the hand in a cup shape (cupping), a clenched fist lightly hitting a n area(beating), the fingers gently slapping (slapping).  The idea of tapotement, is to invigorate and refresh the muscles treated, the movements are done firmly, but not hard enough to cause pain.

A regular Swedish massage is a great way of lowering stress levels and helping keep muscles in optimum condition.  Also for loved ones it’s a great gift, especially if you’re struggling to know what to buy.  So why not give a present that is a little bit different!   Gift Vouchers

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