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I have been working with Brian for the last three weeks to help with lymphatic drainage after an operation. He has been great at communicating and I feel that it’s a very safe covid environment. The massage was comfortable and has helped my recovery to no end! I would highly recommend Brian!


I’d highly recommend Brian, I’ve had six lymphatic drainage sessions following surgery and it’s really helped aid with the recovery and reduce swelling. I found he was very knowledgeable and cared for his work a great deal.


I have nothing but praise for the way you conduct yourself each time I have MLD treatment. Having had a mastectomy, the lymphoedema I was left with was very uncomfortable and often painful. I was directed to you through my breast care nurse and felt very nervous at first. You put me at ease and gave me privacy to prepare myself. I have also found how much improved I find myself following treatment. It is also very relaxing because of the knowledgeable way you address my problem. Thank you Brian so much for all your care and attention to detail. Having been in the medical profession during my working life I can appreciate everything you do in the most professional , gentle and caring way. I would recommend you to anyone that I think would benefit from your skills.

Wendy Davies . Retired nursing sister.

I have had five operations on my left shoulder over the past four years and still suffer from chronic pain and restriction in movement. On the recommendation of a Senior Chronic Pain Management Consultant at Sancta Maria Hospital in Swansea, I contacted Brian John Smith.

I have found Brian to be very professional in all aspects of his work, from the initial consultation, to the ongoing treatment that I am undergoing. I was instantly put at ease by him and treatment is provided in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Since I have been under Brian’s treatment, my pain and restriction in movement have been significantly reduced. I highly recommend him.

Many Thanks,

John (Power Station Engineer).

Nine years after a mastectomy for breast cancer I suddenly developed lymphedema in my left arm. I had  advice – a compression sleeve, exercises, and some treatment from the lymphedema clinic but when I read an article in a local newspaper on Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) I decided to take control and seek more help.

I discovered Brian Smith on the internet as my nearest MLD local practitioner with all the recommended qualifications so decided to give it a go.  I did consider the fact that this was a man and the massage  had to be quite intimate in nature but took courage and went ahead and made contact.

I felt immediately at ease with Brian as he took my medical history, gave me a letter for my GP  and explained the theory behind MLD.  He seemed efficient and professional.

He also took pains to explain the treatment would entail some intimate touching in the chest area and I could withdraw at any point if it made me uncomfortable but I reasoned a moments embarrassment is nothing if the treatment helped.

I was given privacy to change and treated with sensitivity and respect throughout.  Brian always warns me when he needs to remove my covering and I was able to relax and enjoy the massage.

My treatment continues and I believe there has been an improvement,  I have not suffered any pain or difficulty moving my arm , that has not been a problem, my condition is purely unsightly but latest measurements at the lymphodema clinic show a reduction in the swelling, and it looks better.

I would recommend Brian Smith to anyone suffering from lymphodema after breast cancer and hopefully this testimony will assure many women not to be put off, discomforted or uneasy about attending for MLD.

Yvonne (retired Teacher)

“I went to Brian with problems with my shoulder, he quickly diagnosed a nerve problem and prescribed a series of sessions with stretch exercises for me to complete. Very professional, with excellent sound advice whilst offering to see me out of the set appointments if any pain was felt.

Thank you Brian for all your help.”

Gavin (Engineer)

‘After several years of painful lymphoedema I was introduced to Brian and Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). His caring professional manner immediately put me at ease. Sessions of  MLD have considerably reduced the swelling, discomfort and pain I had been experiencing. It is hard to believe that such a gentle treatment can produce such significant results’.

(Tracy, Retired Nurse Manager)

I used to have terrible back pains, which could have been a result of hours of sitting in front of a computer or possibly stress. Brian tailored his massage to my needs, focussing on the areas of pain and relaxation techniques. I could not believe the result: the pain is gone. I believe it is Brian’s combining outstanding professionalism with being very personable that yields such results. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Dr Joanna Rydzewska, Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies, Swansea University

……Following a prolonged calf injury ( scar tissue following a severely pulled muscle) I arranged a meeting with Brian who first of all conducted an excellent assessment/consultancy for my issue which identified the likely cause of my on going problem. Following this Brian tailored the sessions to meet my requirements and also provided me with excellent advice on stretches and supplementary treatment in order to assist with my rehabilitation!  Prior to treatment I was only able to run approximately 5km post treatment I am now cable of maintaining an Iron man training programme! I highly recommend Brian for anybody suffering similar injuries who wishes to get back on track with friendly sound a proven skills/advice….Thank you…Mark

I was recently on holiday in Swansea (from Switzerland, where we live) and needed to continue my lymph drainage therapy while there. I found Brian John Smith’s website and was able to arrange weekly treatment in Cimla. This allayed fears for my health during our visit and I can only recommend Brian for the expert treatment I received!


“I have 2 prolapsed discs and having been told by various consultants that I would require ongoing injections and possibly surgery, I am extremely pleased to say that after months of constant pain, not being able to walk properly or lift my 15 month baby girl, I am finally on the road to recovery thanks to Brian and his magic hands!
Brian is extremely  professional, conscientious, competent, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, thorough, warm and efficient. 
I was very pleased that he was prepared to take on a challenging and difficult case such as mine.
 A deep massage from Brian is completely invigorating and as well as relaxing, focused and firm when required and more gentle on areas that are causing pain. No two massages from Brian are the same as he works with your body and its needs at that moment in time. He takes  great care to mindfully diagnose and address any problem areas, offering very helpful (and interesting) guidance and advice throughout.
Brian is so personable and professional that he makes you feel completely at ease. He is clearly very passionate about his work 
Brian is a wonderful practitioner who I couldn’t recommend highly enough.
If Carlsberg did massages…..”

Marion (Projects Manager)

22-7-15 Jane massage photos No29

“Brian gives a great massage, he’s professional, caring and experienced – my first port of call when visiting Wales – I thoroughly recommend him”

Dr Eleanor Fisher, Associate Professor of International Development, University of Reading

“I’ve had both Swedish massage and Sport’s massage from Brian. I even had the Sport’s massage whilst pregnant, which helped with my aches and pains. I was put at ease straightaway by his professional manner and left feeling very relaxed on each occasion.”
   Helen (Nurse)

“Brian’s massage improved an acute back spasm episode significantly, I can fully recommend this as a regular maintenance approach to keep the body going”
Christian (Doctor)

“I have known Brian for over 25 years, during this time he has been always been very professional in his involvement within the sports environment, Brian was a valuable team member providing effective sports massage during our 140 mile road bike challenge, As a family we engage in competitive sports, and have regularly called upon Brian’s sports therapy and massage skills over a number of years.”
David (keen biker)

“Brian did a great job to get me back on my feet when I suffered from very severe back pain.”22-7-15 Jane massage photos No26
Martina (physiotherapist)

“I went to Brian for help with my back problems. He works in a professional manner and the treatment is effective and valuable. He is understandable and helpful in diagnosing a problem and in finding a good solution that works well as a preventive treatment and relaxing massage.”
Mona (Student)

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