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What are the benefits of Corporate On Site Massage?


Corporate On Site Massage benefits both employers and employees – it’s basically a win-win situation. Most companies want to keep their employees happy and motivated, but with daily work pressures and targets to meet, this can be hard to achieve. On Site Massage is a way of demonstrating that employees are valued members of the team and that the company understands the stress they face and takes their well-being seriously. It shows commitment on the company’s part to come up with practical and innovative solutions to help counter stress in the workplace, reward employees’ efforts, and support employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance. As Rod Lloyd, Managing Director of Low Cost Vans, Skewen, explains, “we pride ourselves on how we look after our staff, and bringing in the massage therapist is another way we can help them be healthy and happy employees” (;


To be able to compete effectively in the market place, companies need to get that little bit extra out of their workforce. With budgets being tight and the scope for pay incentives often limited, Corporate On Site Massage provides a cost-effective staff benefit and reward, with flexible 10-30 minute therapy sessions, which can be readily incorporated into existing work schedules. Since the therapist brings his own chair (and/or massage bed) and all materials required, there is no capital outlay for the company. On Site Massage can also be included in the staff incentive package, giving possible tax savings and aiding in the recruitment of future staff. The real savings for the company, however, are in helping staff stay positive and motivated and in reducing stress levels, thus helping to prevent a drop in productivity as well as ill health and absenteeism.






Just as importantly, an On Site Massage session can allow staff to unwind, de-stress and have a little “me time”.  On a physical level, it can help relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and back which, if left unchecked, can lead to ill health, such as eye strain, Repetitive Strain Injuries, muscular problems and tension headaches. Like massage more generally, it can also improve blood flow and help boost the body’s ability to fight disease. Accordingly, it can help companies reduce sickness leave by combating both stress and physical strain.


Unlike therapeutic massage, which can leave clients quite sleepy at the end of a session, the effect of having a chair massage tends to make individuals feel more awake and physically refreshed, increasing mental alertness and helping them stay focused on their work. Clients who have had chair massage report feeling relaxed, energised, refreshed, more clearheaded and revitalised. So it is plain to see why more and more companies are realising the many benefits of Corporate On Site Massage, which easily outweigh the costs.







Most commonly, Corporate On Site Massage is delivered with the client fully clothed and in a sitting position (see images above), using a specially designed treatment chair but no lotions or oil. The massage chair can be readily set up in a convenient corner of the office/work space, as long as the environment is not too loud so that the therapist can communicate with the client. However, if the company has the facility to provide an appropriate separate treatment room, it is also possible to offer longer holistic and/or sports massage sessions on a full-length massage bed with the client in a supine position and the therapist applying massage cream or oil to work on other parts of the client’s body, such as the chest and legs.


I offer the following three types of Corporate On Site Massage to large, medium-sized and small companies:

  • Chair Massage uses the high quality Stronglite chair. Extremely comfortable, strong and versatile, it has various position settings to accommodate different body shapes and has a 272 kg working weight capacity.
  • Full Holistic and/or Sport Massage requires a separate private room (as clients are partially unclothed) and more time per individual session. It does, however, allow for more therapeutic treatments to target specific trouble spots, such as back pain or sciatica.
  • Facial Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Massage also requires a massage bed, as treatment is provided with the client in a supine position, though clothed. A very light massage without oil or cream, which acts directly on the lymph nodes, MLD helps to revitalise the facial skin and complexion and is credited with anti-ageing benefits. It can also help counter headaches, relieve pressure on the sinuses, and alleviate symptoms of a cold. (Individuals who feel uncomfortable with hands-on body massage may find this lighter treatment more to their liking.)


There are three payment options for my Corporate On Site Massage services:

  • fully funded by the employer, as a one off treat or as a regular maintenance programme to improve staff wellbeing;
  • subsidised by the employer, with the employee contributing towards the cost;
  • wholly covered by the employees, but with the employer providing an appropriate space and time-out from work to accommodate the treatment sessions.


Corporate On Site Massage is a great way to show staff that you really care about their wellbeing and to help reduce stress and sick leave.


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